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B.A.K. to School is affiliated with CSU Pueblo and offering GRADUATE CREDIT                    3 Semester Hours - Graduate Credit - $345 including all materials

Course Offerings for Graduate Credit
through B.A.K. to School in Conjunction with CSU Pueblo

ED500: AI: Tools for the Educator

ED500: Digital Citizenship 

ED500: Gaming in Education

ED500: Google for Education (Docs, Sh​eets, & Slides) 


ED500: Google for Education (Forms, Drawing & Classroom)  


ED500: Google for Education (Chrome, Chromebooks & Meet) 


ED500: Using Digital Portfolios


* We are currently working on submitting other courses for graduate credit with CSU Pueblo. So, if you are looking for a different course please check back at a later time.

Steps to Register & Pay for Graduate Credits: 
1. Fill out the B.A.K. to School Registration Form

2. Complete payment through B.A.K. to School

3. Please reach out with questions 303-910-2119

4. After the above steps have been completed you will be sent an email    

    within 48 hours guiding you through the last steps of the process to

    register with CSU Pueblo.

                             *Graduate credit is provided by Colorado State University Pueblo. Recertification                                      credit is provided by Centennial BOCES. Graduate credit MAY be used for salary                                        advancement and Colorado state recertification! Colorado Department of Education                                requires six hours of recertification credit every seven years to renew license.


CSU Pueblo Sessions 

SPRING 2024:

January 2nd-May 17th

SUMMER 2024:
May 18th-September 13th

FALL 2024:

September 14th-Dec. 31st

​SPRING 2025:

January 2nd-May 17th

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