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Frequently Asked Questions
           Registration & Payment

I have registered for a course(s) but I have not paid, what do I do now?

Thank you for registering for our course(s)!  Please make your payment by going to the payment tab at the top of this site as to not delay receiving your content. We will not send you content information until we have received your registration and payment.


I have successfully registered and paid for the course(s).  When will you email course materials?  

We will email you all the instructions and course materials on the first of each month of the correlating course you are taking for that month. If you registered and paid after the start of the month, then we will email you the instructions and course materials within 24 hours.

What is the cut off date to sign-up for a course? 

PLEASE register, pay and begin the course before the 15th of each month! Please touch base with us if it is after the 15th of the month as we will always try and work with you. Please email or call us anytime if you have questions. or 303-910-2119 

Can I register for courses and then pay for them later?

Yes, you can register for future courses that you would like to take with us and then pay as the month arrives that correlates with the course(s). When you register we place you in our database for all the courses you register for. Just remember you will not receive any instructions and course materials until you pay for the course(s).

            Structure & Content of the Courses

How do your courses work? Are there specific due dates or is it more self-paced that needs to be done by the end of the month? 

Our courses are self-paced. Once you register and pay we will email you all the information and course work all at once. We use Google Classroom as our platform to deliver our content, grade and comment on work. You have until the last day of the month at midnight to complete all the assignments. Our courses typically consist of four to five assignments total. In general, our assignments flow in this manner; some background information and research provided to read and reflect on, resources and links to specific insights on the topic of the course, some creative application/lesson/or project, and then a reflection of the course and the work you completed. Ultimately, the goal of our courses is to provide educators with high quality relevant content that they can use and apply to their educational setting.

When is the course work due?

All your assignments are due by the last day of the month at midnight. Please contact us if you hre having issues at anytime; we are here to help you.

I see a course that I am really interested in but is is offered in a different month than this month, can I take it now?

No, we are very sorry but our courses run by the month. Therefore, we only offer the course under the month that it is listed. Please feel free to contact us though if you see course that you are really interested in from our course listings and do not see it offered anytime soon. We would love to try and accommodate your needs!

             Credits & Certifications

How many credits will I earn per course?

Each course offered is worth 3 credits (1 credit = 15 hours). YES, you can earn 3 credits for $200!

Where does the certificate come from? Do you issue college credits?

We work with Centennial BOCES for the accreditation of our courses. These credits WILL count towards your recertification in the state of Colorado. If you are planning on turning in CEU credits for salary advancement please check with your Human Resource Department.

Do you issue college credits?

Yes, we work with CSU Pueblo to offer GRADUATE CREDIT. 3 Semester Hours - Graduate Credit - $345 including materials. Please visit out GRAD CREDITS link above for more information.

             Course Completion

How do I know when I am done with a course?

We work on grading assignments throughout the month, we DO NOT grade everyday.  Once everything is graded you will be able to see grades and any comments. On or around the last day of the month, once all students have turned in work and we have a day or two to finish grading; then we will submit your information to the Centennial BOCES for your credit certificate.

I have finished all the assignments early or before the month is over, can I get my certificate early?

We appreciate you getting the course done in a timely manner but we give all our students until the last day of the month at midnight to finish. Therefore, please be patient and we will send you a completion email at the end of the month to let you know that you are done and we are sending your name to BOCES to have them issue your certificate.

When will I get my certificate of completion?

You will be receiving an email (to the email you used to register) with your certificate attached in approximately 

2-4 weeks after the month you finished the course. It will come as an email from Shawntay Guzman or Will Yohon. Please be patient and check your spam mail. **Please be patient and email us at if you have any questions or concerns, thank you for your understanding.


I never had time to finish the course, can I get a refund?

We strive to provide excellent customer service. We are teachers too and we understand how valuable time and money are. Please reach out and communicate with us if you need help with anything.  We will do our best to assist you, but we do not guarantee refunds. or 303-910-2119 

I can't find or never got my certificate, what do I do?

Please check you spam email first and remember the certificate comes from Shawntay Guzman or Will Yohon so you can search for her name in your email. If you still can't find it, no worries, send us an email, we can help!

I can't remember what courses I have completed with B.A.K. to School?

Email us and we can send you a list of the courses you have completed with us!

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