B.A.K. to School, LLC has experienced EDMODO updating and changing their platform frequently.  Please be patient and email (baktoschool@gmail.com) or call (303-910-2119) at any time if you have issues.

Step 1-

*Helpful HINT:

Where it says create a group on the left there are 3 dots on the right in that box. Click on that and join a group will pop up.

Step 2-

Step 3-


How to

Turn in 


Step 1-

-Step 2

you can create or use step 3 and attach

Step 3-

-Step 4

if you want or need to add a comment to instructor but NOT required

Step 5-

if you want or need to add a comment to instructor but NOT required, continued...

-Step 6

Entering/Turning in a QUIZ Score

(Only applicable for some courses)

Step 7-

attaching or uploading your work and turning it in

-Step 8

Work submitted


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