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Course Schedule 
Please register and pay for the month's course by the 15th of the month.
If you are trying to start a course later than that please reach out; especially courses that
require application. We will try our best to work with you and your schedule.
Email us anytime if you have questions:

February 1-28th, 2023: Building Rapport

February 1-28th, 2023: Creative and Innovative Content Delivery *classroom application required

February 1-28th, 2023: Keeping Up With The Drug Culture

March 1-31st, 2023: Culturally Responsive Instruction

March 1-31st, 2023: Working with ADHD in Education *NEW Course

March 1-31st, 2023: Classroom Management Hacks

April 1-30th, 2023: Understanding & Decoding Individual Education Programs (IEPs) *NEW Course

April 1-30th, 2023: Movement In The Classroom *classroom application required

April 1-30th, 2023: Practicing Mindfulness *classroom application required

May 1-31st, 2023: Project Based Learning

May 1-31st, 2023: Motivating Students *classroom application required

May 1-31st, 2023: Self Care for the Educator *personal application required

June 1-30th, 2023: Social and Emotional Learning

June 1-30th, 2023: The Science of Learning

June 1-30th, 2023: Trauma Informed Practices

July 1-31st, 2023: Working With English Language Learners (ELL)

July 1-31st, 2023: Using Digital Portfolios

July 1-31st, 2023: Google For Education (Docs, Sheets, Slides)

August 1-31st, 2023: Google for Education (Forms, Drawing, Classroom)

August 1-31st, 2023: Grant Writing *write 2 grants

August 1-31st, 2023: Intervention Strategies

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